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How to assign an employee a leader and/or administrator role

The administrator is responsible for assigning leader role and create new administrators

What is a leader role?

A leader role is given to the person who is the leader of a department. This gives the leader access to information/content for all employees in this department.

Give a leader role to an employee

  • Check off ​​the employee's (leaders) name  (or "add new" - read how to here)

  • To assign a leader role, find the department in the list and select the department(s) the employee is leader for.
  • Assigned departments end up in the list to the right:

  • Check off ​​"assign as administrator" if you are going to assign this role.


  • Think carefully about who needs to be administrators. We recommend to not have more than 1 or 2 administrators. 

Get an overview of the roles

At the bottom of the organizational structure on the lefthand side you will find lists for "administrators", "leaders" and "all" (every employee in the entire organization).




  • Sort by department in the list of leaders to get an overview of who has been assigned a leader role in each department
  • Alternatively, you can do this going back to the “overview” and looking at the organizational chart