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What happens to the response to an employee if the person leaves or changes department?

All history follows the employee, and only the current manager can see information on an individual level. All the history will be deleted if an employee is deleted.

I have sent out a survey, but moved an employee before they have responded. What happens then?

The unanswered survey will be available for the employee to answer, even if the employee is moved to another department.

Who gets to see the employee's results when the person has changed department?

Leader access is set at department level, that is: if an employee is transferred to another department, it is the leader of this department who can see the employee's results. The previous leader will no longer be able to see individual information.

Which department will the answer belong to in the aggregated results?

If you retrieve a report at total level, the person's answer will remain in the department it was originally in when the survey was sent out, but anonymized for the former leader.

If the employee has quit, what happens to their response?

If an employee is deleted, all history will also be deleted. The answer will remain in aggregated reports, but anonymized.